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Anna Ginnetti-Ricci
“It is our responsibility
to give back no matter how
poor or how rich we are.”

BIOGRAPHY: About the Artist

Anna Ginnetti received her formal art training at Salem State College (1992) where some of the subjects she studied included Color and Design, Photography, Art History, Teaching Art to Children, and Illustration.

A native of Boston’s North-End, youngest of three siblings, she is the first American in her family raised by her Italian second grade educated mother. When her mother became ill she was sent to an orphanage where she was separated from her siblings and was raised by Nuns from 1973-1974.  It was while she was there that Ginnetti was exposed to music and had her first art lesson by an artist. Once Ginnetti was reunited with her family she found a community club where she continued to have art enrichment programs. She also continued to be involved musically through Boston Public Schools during the most violent times. At sixteen, she left home to finish high school and follow her dream to be the first college graduate in her family. She is a single divorced mother raising her three children in Salem, Massachusetts.

In 2008, Anna wrote the song “I Wonder” to help support teachers during difficult times and to acknowledge their incredible contribution to our world. The non-profit CD has raised enough money to print hundreds of CDs as well as enough to donate to the Foundation for Education. The CD has sold as far away as Singapore, Florida, Washington, California, Brazil, and France as well as Massachusetts to date. Ginnetti hopes to promote this through YouTube and make professional Music Videos around the world. “Everything in this world stems from an education and it’s our job to respect it, preserve it, and nourish it the best way we know how, otherwise we have no right to complain about it.”   

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